Kaitlynn AndersonCrossFit Level 1 Coach

    Kaitlynn Anderson aka Panda was introduced to CrossFit through a competition. Without previous experience, and being the only female to compete, she placed and won a membership to Extreme CrossFit. That was it though, she was hooked. There was never enough CrossFit so she was then mentored by her coach and went for the Level 1 Certification. It was still not enough, seeing the need for her female athletes, Coach Panda received her CrossFit Defense Certification from Tony Blauer himself. Having been with Extreme CrossFit for a year, it was a move back home that brought her to Georgia. Panda has been a Coach for over 4 years and an athlete for almost 5 and she still can’t get enough CrossFit, taking advantage of every learning opportunity and is driven to one day obtain the prestigious CF-L4. Coach Panda, although still in recovery from the birth of her son, is also preparing to compete in the 2018 Highland Games to represent the Anderson Clan participating alongside her husband Mitch.

    James Romaniw