Most of our members feel a difference in less than two weeks. Many of our members needing to lose weight start dropping their extra weight within their first month. Be consistent and you will see great results!

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our members say about us…

Our Success Stories

Ever since I joined Crossfit Chattahoochee my life has changed drastically. When I first started I weighed 180 lbs. I did not eat healthy, I was tired all the time, and my confidence level was extremely low. I was always afraid to go to the gym because I thought people at gyms were judgmental and always staring at me.

At CFC I was welcomed with open arms. I was motivated and pushed to be the best I could be not only by the coaches but also by the members of CFC. After training at CFC for almost two years now, I have lost a total of 45 lbs!

The obvious can be stated, CFC WILL make you look and feel better; however, that is NOT the only gift CFC has given me. At CFC I have learned that it is not about how much weight you lose, but rather how much strength you gain over the years. I used to be obsessed with scales and now I no longer need one because CFC has ended my obsession with trying to be skinny and weigh a certain amount. I do not focus on the weight that is shown on the scale but rather the weight that is on the bar!

Without my CrossFit Chattahoochee family, my accomplishments would not have been possible. CrossFit Chattahoochee has changed my life, and it can change yours too!

-Hailey P

Our Success Stories

Alan P. started at the same time as his daughter, Hailey (above). Although we have yet been able to get him to put his story together in words, the results here speak for themselves!

Our Success Stories

I’ve been a member at CrossFit Chattahoochee (CFC) since they opened the doors in 2014. I’m there a lot and it’s become my escape! My personal fitness and well-being are important to me.  But this hasn’t always been the case!

I was not an athlete as a kid or physically active as an adult.  I worked behind a desk, got married, had two kids, enjoyed life and was oblivious to my physical fitness and diet.  By the time I was in my early 40s, I was overweight, unfit and unhealthy, both physically and emotionally.  I promised myself that tomorrowI would eat better or start exercising when the kids went back to school, etc.  Fast forward to many tomorrows later… A friend convinced me to go with her to the gym. Ugh!  I hadn’t been to a gym since big hair, step aerobics and leg warmers were trendy! I was intimidated, overwhelmed and had little confidence it would work and even less in myself. Despite sore muscles and a bruised ego, I continued to go, listen, learn and do the workouts.

After a few months, I was able to squat without assistance and run without becoming dizzy.  Even so, that pesky trainer guy kept raising the bar!  I pushed harder but emotionally, I was still uncommitted.  But then, a couple of things happened. While bending to make my bed one day I realized that I didn’t feel the chronic low back pain that had plagued me for years.  In addition, I hadn’t experienced the acute spasms that would “throw my back out” in quite a while.  WOW!

The second “AHA” came when I became intrigued with Olympic lifting.  These lifts are complicated but I felt like a super bada** working on them.  It didn’t matter that I was using a skill bar and little weight, I began to feel powerful!  I’ve learned a lot since I joined and perform some movements really well (I’m past just the bar!) and still others, not at all.  This isn’t a problem at CFC.

When I can’t perform a movement as prescribed the coach will modify (scale) the workout.  This allows me to do the WOD, make improvements and get stronger every week.  Either way, I’m squatting, jumping, pulling, pressing, running, lifting and moving in ways that make sense to me.  I no longer have issues with low back pain, I’ve lost 30 pounds, gained a few in muscle mass and have reversed the osteopenia that had started in my hips and spine.  I am confident, strong, and in the best physical shape of my life!  Come check us out!

-Rhonda F

Our Success Stories

I joined CrossFit Chattahoochee one month after they opened in April 2014. I was recovering from neck surgery from a car accident where I broke my neck & had to have my cervical vertebrae & inter vertebral disc repair.

I simply joined & I was committed. I was 50 and I wanted to be in the best shape of my life, period. I did not want age to be a factor or a crutch for me. I worked with Steve on my mobility weekly for a few months. When I became more mobile I started doing the regular sessions. I am always working on the various techniques in the class and I follow the coaches’ guidance to the best of my ability.

To all those 20 somethings through 60 somethings out there, there is a world out there waiting for you to be fit. With Steve, I never got injured, he is truly the best at what he does. My neurosurgeon is so pleased that I was able to resume my athletic life.

Due to my CrossFit training I am able to remain strong & fit and even play soccer weekly. CrossFit Chattahoochee rocks! And if you have any doubt about my testimonial, come see us at CrossFit Chattahoochee and come thrive with us.

-Dr. Garry