The Basics

What does membership cost?

We offer scheduled, one-hour, highly- coached classes that are most likely waaaaay different than any thing you have done before. That’s okay – we teach you everything you need to know but it takes time to learn it and ANYONE can do it! That said, the standard pricing for our new members is $150 per month for two training sessions per week or $175 for unlimited. This includes a three month commitment. We have other options that cost less and some that cost more. If you are used to training at a big box gym for $19.95 a month it may seem like a lot. But if you were seeing the results you wanted, you wouldn’t be reading this. We do offer discounts to teachers, military, and first responders, as well as a spousal discount.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is an effective way to get fit. Anyone can do it. CrossFit is a fitness regimen that combines a variety of movements into a high-intensity workout. Get more info here.

What is a WOD?

WOD stands for Workout of the Day. Everyone performs the same WOD whether they train at 5am or 5:30pm. Some will do it with less weight, some more. Some will move slower, some faster. All perform the workout at a high intensity but at an intensity is relative to the individual.

How is CrossFit different than a “regular” gym?

There are so many differences, we cannot list them all here! You will notice big differences from the moment you walk in – we don’t have machines; we have a lot of open space. Athletes cannot come in to workout anytime, athletes cannot “do their own thing” or workout with their ear-buds in! Instead all athletes participate in a coached group in scheduled one-hour classes where they perform specific movements. All athletes work at a high intensity but that intensity is relative to each individual athlete. It is not uncommon to hear other athletes cheering for each other here; it’s a wholly different kind of workout and environment than a “globo” gym.

Get more info on What CrossFit is.

Are all CrossFit gyms the same?

No. Although we all use the same methodology every CrossFit gym is different and is operated differently. Levels of coaching experience and expertise are different from gym to gym. This experience matters in getting athletes to move well, scaling effectively, and programming effective workouts.

Also, each CrossFit gym has a different feel and may have a slightly different focus.  Our gym is different in that our coaches are experienced with teaching barbell movements. We believe in getting athletes to move the barbell well before adding weight to the barbell. We take the time to coach athletes to move better, whether they are new to CrossFit or have years of experience.

Can I work out anytime?

No. Workouts are performed at specific times. See Chattahoochee Schedule.

Getting Started

Do I have to be in shape before I start CrossFit?

NO! Anyone can do CrossFit. We scale down the workouts for those who are new to CrossFit, and gradually increase your load and intensity as your strength, ability and fitness levels improve. Whether you’re getting into shape or are recovering from injury, we can adjust the training sessions to your needs. We also offer Beginner’s Only classes as well as one-on-one training if you need additional individual attention before joining the regularly scheduled classes.

Come in for your free introductory session and we’ll answer all your questions. Call us at +1 678-964-5647 or click here to get started.

How do I get started?

Everyone interested in membership takes a FREE intro class before joining. This is a one hour session to give you a taste of our training, a glimpse into what we do, and let you try a CrossFit workout. Call us at +1 678-964-5647 or click here to get started.

How much does membership at CrossFit Chattahoochee cost?

We have memberships for those who want to train two times a week, as well as an unlimited (three times or more per week) option. The standard pricing for our new members is $150 per month for two training sessions per week or $175 for unlimited. This includes a three month commitment. We do require new members to complete fundamental sessions to learn the movements.

We’ll discuss all your options when you come in for an intro. We do not expect you to make a decision during your Intro class. There will be no sales pressure, no BS “enrollment fees,” and there is no long-term contract required.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we give a 15% off discount to military, police, firefighters, and teachers. We also offer a 10% off your second member for married couples.

I’ve done CrossFit at another gym/on my own. Do I still need to schedule an intro class?

It depends on where you where and how long ago you trained. The best way is determine this is to talk to us at +1 678-964-5647.

I’m already in great shape! Do I still have to take the intro?

Yes. The free intro session is required for anyone wishing to join CrossFit Johns Creek who has not done CrossFit before. We operate differently from other gyms and there is some information you need to know before you sign up. This free intro session is your chance to get to know us and for us to get to know you and your current abilities. Call us at +1 678-964-5647 or click here to get started.

Can you help with nutrition too?

Yes. You can’t out run a bad diet, so we’ll encourage you to make better choices to see better results. Please see our Nutrition page for more.


What is a class like?

Classes last one hour and include a warm-up, mobility work, a skill or strength component, and a metabolic conditioning workout (moving fast and breathing hard). After the warm-up, your coach will explain the workout and the applicable scaling/modifications.

The Beginner level classes include a more in-depth explanation and coaching of the movements. Intermediate and advanced classes include a review of the movements and each movement standards. No matter what level class you are in, everyone gets a great workout. You’ll all do the same workout of the day (WOD), but we scale the workout for each student depending on your abilities. You might be a little tired or sore after class but you’ll feel like  accomplished something!

Do I have to pick a class time and stick to it?

Regular members do not have to pick a time and stay with it; you can come to 6am one day and 6:30pm the next day. Just attend the classes that work best with your schedule. (Unless you signed up for the Women’s Only Workout membership where class times are limited to Tuesday / Thursday at 9:30am.)

I travel a lot. Some weeks I am out of town all week. Can I use those unused classes later?

If you travel a lot, we can set your membership up for a number of classes per month instead of one per week.

I’m intimidated! I don’t think I can ever do a workout as you have it written up!

If you are intimidated, our Beginners-only classes may be the best way for you to start. In this class, beginners workout with other beginner-level athletes and receive detailed instruction to learn the moves and gradually ramp-up their intensity. This helps reduce the intimidation factor.

New athletes should also recognize that everyone had their first day of crossfitting! Even our most experienced athletes (and even our Coaches) did not start out unscaled! AND many of our athletes STILL WORK scaled in some way every day! Crossfit is not a methodology that can be mastered; your ability will be improved over time but will always have room for improvement. All we expect from you is effort. If you can get yourself through the door we can work with you!

I have an injury/condition that will limit what I can do. Can I still CrossFit?

Yes! We can accommodate any ability level and are more than happy to modify the workouts for any injury or condition. For example, we have some athletes that – due to a medical condition – cannot run or jump. For those athletes we replace the jumping movements for another movement that produces a similar effect for the athlete.


What is your drop-in policy?

Southern Strength & Conditioning welcomes visiting crossfitters to join us in a WOD but please contact us to let us know you are coming. We’d like to know when you plan on coming, where you crossfit and how long you have been doing it. The drop-in fee is $15.

I’ve never done CrossFit but I’m visiting the area and want to try CrossFit. Can I come by to try a class?

No. Southern Strength & Conditioning classes are open to Southern Strength & Conditioning members and visiting crossfitters only.

Other questions? Contact us!